Halla Sif Svansdóttir

1 minute read26 Jun 2019

Puffins don't care about the rain

We had a rainy day but our puffins don't care about that! They are still flying around in the sky, hanging out in the water and the cliff outside of their nest in the ground which can be up to 1 meter into the ground and actually have two rooms, one bedroom and one bathroom! They are really tidy birds. We also saw some other interesting birds for example the Arctic tern which is the longest migrating animal alive and travel all the way from the Arctic to Antarctica and during their life will travel three times forward and back to the moon, really amazing!

Despite the rain our guest were happy to see the puffins and other birds around our island outside of Reykjavik.  

Come along and meet Mr. & Ms. Puffin!

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