Reykjavík Birdwatching Tours

Visit The Puffins, The Skuas, The Auks and all the lively sea birds of Faxaflói Bay on our bird watching tours from Reykjavík´s Old Harbour.

The Atlantic Puffin is both captivating and peculiar. There are many reason why locals, artists and tourists alike are seduced by these brightly colored seabirds. They are calm while nesting and can dig burrows with their beaks and wings..but seem manic in their flying style because of their small wings. Puffin wings can beat up to 440 times per minute. Their curious behaviors and unique appearance are a couple of the reason we are drawn to Iceland to catch a glimpse.

The Atlantic puffin travels to land in the summer to nest during the warmer months. We have the largest Atlantic puffin colony in the world, more than half the population comes to Iceland to nest in June, July and August. This is the best time to experience the birds and wildlife of the bay and islands just off the coast of Reykjavik. Puffins, Auks, Gannets along with an incredible variety of seabirds dominate the skies and sea cliffs just a few minutes sailing from the Old Harbor. 

It is a unique and special experience to have them so close to land.

Join our expert bird watching tours from Reykjavík's Old Harbour.

Our Puffin Tours


The Premium Puffin Tour

Looking for that extra twist, that extra flavour of adventure and exploration? Ride our custom made RIB boats, only 12 persons on each boat with our expert crew. No birdwatching tour will get you closer to the islands, birds and the north sea.

ISK 11,566 1 Hour

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The Classic Puffin Tour

It's not just puffins! Take the whole family out on this fun tour with our comfortable sightseeing ship. Meet the puffins & a variety of sea birds on this easy bird watching tour from the Old Harbour in Reykjavík.

ISK 7,708 1 Hour

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Prepare for adventure

Reykjavík Boat Tours


Whales, Puffins & Reykjavík

This is our greatest adventure! Get as close to the whales, dolphins and puffins as possible with out disturbing them in their natural habitat. Small groups of 12 persons in our fast RIB boats means you get an intimate experience you wont forget.

ISK 23,142 2 Hours

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Reykjavík: Classic Whale Watching

The classic and original whale watching tour from Reykjavík. The specially modified whale watching ships and crew will take you out in search of a wide variety of whale species. Operated up to six times day, all year round.

ISK 13,495 3 Hours

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Private Puffin Tour

Would you like to enjoy your puffin tour in an extra personal way with a chosen few? Then this is the option for you.

ISK 212,222 1 Hour

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Premium Whales & Midnight Sun

Enjoy the golden hours of the seemingly endless midnight sun out on the waters. This evening tour leaves at 20.00 during the summer months from Reykjavík’s Old Harbour. It is the ideal way to make the most of your day in Reykjavík.

ISK 23,142 2 Hours

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Sea Angling Reykjavík

In the North we fish and so can you! Cast the anchors away, sail out into the brisk embrace of the Faxaflói bay and follow in the wake of hundreds of generations of Icelandic fishermen. This tour has two daily departures from May 1st to September 30th

ISK 21,213 3 Hours

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Reykjavík Northern Lights Cruise

Search for northern lights on this thrilling winter cruise where we maximise your chances of sightings! Watching the auroras dance in the vast starry space with the gentle lull of the ocean beneath us is an experience of a lifetime.

ISK 13,495 2 Hours

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What are the whales up to?

The Daily Whale Diary