What a great day for watching the Puffins! While windy and very choppy out at the Faxa bay, we enjoyed watching Puffins at the islands in front of the Reykjavik harbor, in much calmer sea conditions on this warm sunny day. We were watching them hopping on the cliffs, walking on the grass, flying, diving, floating at the sea surface and bringing fish to their chicks. Having in mind how rough it is out in the bay,  it reminded us how amazing their diving and flying skills are. We saw few walking into their burrows to bring fishes to their chicks and on one of our tours we were even so lucky to see one brave Puffling coming out of the burrow! The Puffling seemed excited to be out at the sun, flapping it's freshly fledged wings high in the air. When a parent moved away a bit, Puffling ran back into the burrow, probably much safer place for this young inexperienced chick.

Photos coming up soon!