3 minute read18 Aug 2017

Extreme Pilots

Sailing the bay was an incredible and challenging adventure due to the strong wind coming from the north. We did have very fun rides on our RIBs cruising around the islands in the search of the Atlantic puffins. Unfortunately we didn't see any Puffins on Engey island, but we saw them flying around Akurey island. On one of the tour we spotted a big flock of birds feeding between Videy and Lundey so we decided to check them out. There were lots of sea gulls of different species, Northern fulmars and Atlantic puffins among them, surfacing with fishes in their beaks.

 Photo credit: Tena Sarcevic

Photo credit: Tena Sarcevic

Come along and meet Mr. & Ms. Puffin!

The Whale Diary


Last Puffin tour of 2018

It was a great year for the Puffins here around Reykjavik. This year Puffins arrived really early in April and...


Puffins meeting

An amazing morning with Puffins everywhere!! Many in the shore witch isn't so common for this time of the year...


Shy puffling

Here is a puffling!nope, not the one with bright orange feet, the left one. A lot less colourful than their pa...


Puffins still around

In the last two days we been seeing busy Puffins bringing small fish to their pufflings. Most of the pufflins ...

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