Whale Safari could not go out to look for whales today due to rough seas, although a lot of travelers who wanted to check out one of the best wonders of Iceland, the Atlantic puffin, so we sailed around the islands next to Reykjavik. Luckily for us there were many puffins in Lundey and Engey today. Mostly of them were just outside of their burrows enjoying the breeze. During the last tour the wind picked up a bit more and we could see how the birds were having a bit of hard time trying to land on the grass, although they did a great job using the wind currents. 

We make a special mention to our guide Jess from the UK who just left this early morning and she made a fantastic job with us within the last 2 months. We wish you a great time at home and we will see you on September hopefully. The Team miss you already Ms. Puffin and thanks for being.